The iPad Pro 10.5 reviews are in and they are all VERY positive


The new feature that matters on this display is that it’s capable of a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is twice what most mobile devices are capable of. That sentence is as nerdy as it sounds, but stay with me for a second on this one. The refresh rate is how quickly the pixels on the screen get redrawn when you scroll or when something moves on a screen. 120Hz means that when you scroll, there’s less lag when the pixels move.

Reducing lag is important because the obvious goal for any tablet screen is to make the stuff that appears on screen sort of feel like actual physical things you’ve moving around. This refresh rate takes us a surprisingly large step in that direction. It also means that the latency when you draw with the Apple Pencil is also reduced to 20 milliseconds — so it too feels closer to physically drawing on paper.

There are other practical benefits. Because this is Apple, it’s given a name to this feature: ProMotion. And ProMotion does more than just ratchet up the refresh rate, it also ratchets it down. So if you’re watching a movie, the screen refresh rate will lower and optimize to the video’s frame rate. If you’re just looking at some static text on an ebook, the iPad will slow the refresh rate down even further to save battery life. Apple says that the tablet has a dedicated chip (sort of like the chip that’s used to process camera images) that looks at what’s going on on your screen and adjust the refresh rate accordingly… More at The Verge.

Every review I have read so far is extremely positive which is down to one of two possibilities; the new iPad Pro is very good or Apple is even better at ensuring that those who want review devices say the right things. Suspect it is a bit of both.

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  1. Is there a new version of the Pencil or is it the same hardware?

    My combination of a mini for on the go reading and an older bedside Pro for “Draw Something”, doodling, and comics, is going pretty well, and not worth upgrading; given how the Mini form factor seems at risk for being left behind (despite being ideal for reading… and I think, doodling…) I’m trying to see how corny I’d feel taking in books on the 10.5.

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