As humans we desire relationships in some shape or form

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My passion is delivering value to others and establishing what seems to be a lost art of building long term customer relationships.

Remember the days or the stories of going to the corner shop, but paying for your goods next week, or the shop assistant knowing you by name?

It still happens, but the instances are too few and far between.

I want to rekindle this, in the online and digital era in which we now live. Just because more interactions are remote, does not mean powerful and profitable bonds cannot be formed.

As humans we desire relationships in some shape or form. Digital products have changed the way we interact and build partnerships, but this change can be used positively.

It is a big mission, but one I am keen to achieve… More here.

It is indeed a huge undertaking, but one that in theory should not be difficult at all. Every senior person in every organisation should be aware that customer loyalty and great customer service will only bring in more profits in the long term. Sadly, 99% of them don’t seem to care.

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