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I am a bit flustered by the work-arounds that Apple has had to implement to get some mouse functionality on the iPad/iPhone: copy and paste, placing a cursor in a text for editing purposes, etc. They seem like afterthoughts to the OS and really aren’t intuitive or easy (especially with my fat fingers on an iPhone screen). Arnold

4 or 5 years of only Macbook use has made be completely apathetic about the mouse that sometimes sits on my desk next to my laptop. It feels so much more convenient to reach down from the keyboard with my thumb or finger than to move my hand all the way over to mouse. (And if I’m using a standalone keyboard and a magic trackpad I’ll try to awkwardly recreate the layout of an open laptop)

Oh, and far and away my preferred layout for an external monitor is having the laptop open in front of me and the second monitor on a stand above it… I just love the consistency from when I don’t have the monitor there.

I feel there was a time when I mostly used the trackpad but a few interactions felt much better with the mouse, but these days I only get the faintest glimmer of that. Kirk

IT obviously depends on your style of work and what you can get used to. Re the latter, some people can adjust to a new way of working very quickly. Some of us have muscle memory so built in that it’s just not worth the effort. I use the trackpad on my MacBook Pro. However, I rarely use it anymore. I’ve tried a Trackpad on my iMac but I don’t like it and it’s very rare that I think that the trackpad will do a better job. Fingers on an iPad are okay for some stuff, but for accuracy, I use a stylus. For example, AstroPad makes your iPad into a graphics tablet. A stylus is perfect because of the accuracy. But for day-to-day use with my iMac, it’s a mouse, although I’ve switched from the Apple Magic Mouse to a Logitech MX Anywhere 2. Bob

Three different points of view following yesterday’s mouse article and I find myself agreeing with Arnold, feeling brotherhood with Bob and almost feeling envious of Kirk.

The leap away from the mouse for some of us will be very difficult, but I note that with the trackpad, that also does not require touching the screen.

In my head the idea of controlling things on screen without touching the screen feels more intuitive and that is why I remain skeptical about any iPad long term. I, however, would love to be proven wrong.

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  1. Come to think of it Mac has gotten me totally away from right clicking. I ctrl-click sometimes, but right clicking with the Mac smart mouse feels really weird to me, and I guess I’d miss the old “distinctly two button” mouse of the Windows days if it occurred to me – and I think the old scrollwheel was superior to this brush and glide non-sense.

    Kind of another case where rampant minimalism has come to run the show at Apple 😀

    • I rarely right click either and I use a Microsoft mouse. I scrollwheel all the time though

    • That’s one of the reasons I switched to the Logitech mouse. On a magic mouse, you can left click or right click but you can’t do both at the same time. Some of the games I wanted to play use the right click as zoom in and the left click as fire. Can’t do that with a magic mouse. And now, I’ve gotten very used to having two distinct click areas. Plus there’s a scroll wheel. Never really got into all the possible gestures I could have used with the magic mouse.

      As for right clicking, I use it all the time for context menus. In fact when I’m helping someone and they don’t have it set on their Mac, my first reaction is “what’s wrong with this mouse? Is the right click broken?” Then I realize what it is and often ask if I can set it to right click without needing Ctrl.

  2. I think that maybe Blackberry was on to something when they introduced their “track button”. It was a button on the device that worked a little like a track pad and could be used to move the cursor around the screen and then execute certain functions by clicking it. It never really worked properly, and we know what happened to Blackberry’s hardware endeavours.

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