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For those with a penchant for underwater exploring, taking the plunge to go deep sea diving means either buying or renting a whole lot of expensive equipment. that’s the predicament the ‘scorkl’ sets out to solve, arriving from melbourne to make easy underwater breathing accessible to anyone trained to try it. manufactured to the same specifications and standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder, all you need do is pump up the appealing yellow canister with its specially designed hand pump and the pint-sized device will enable you to breathe underwater for up to ten minutes. scoring one up on the standard snorkel, the ‘scorkl’ lets you disappear beneath the surface of the ocean with no need to surface to take a breath… More at designboom.

A barrier removed which could bring more people to scuba diving. Nice.

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  1. I love the idea, and hopefully it comes from training. The majority of the time spent on the PADI course was on safety and equipment checks, and whether you are using an “inflate it yourself” device of scuba kit, is have thought that this remained pretty important.

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