The iPad takes a big step…


With performance that’s edging into laptop territory, and now software that’s bridging the gap to a desktop operating environment, the iPad Pro’s established advantages over something like a MacBook or MacBook Pro grow in significance. After the MacBook Pro was downgraded in terms of ports and other pro features last year, I’m now much more open to tolerating the iPad’s limitations in order to gain the benefit of its strengths. That would be things like better battery life, easier portability, and a substantially lower price, starting at $649 for the latest iPad Pro… More at The Verge.

Edging is the word I would use for the new iPad Pro. Performance edging into laptop territory, pricing edging into MacBook territory and my mind starting to edge towards the idea of an iPad Pro in place of what I used to think was the only ‘real’ computer.

I am struggling with the notion of paying £300 less for an iPad when I could keep a MacBook for potentially much longer and receive more consistent and top-level performance over time.

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  1. I can see considering it if you need to buy something new, but if your Mac is less than 5 years old and you have an SSD, why change?

  2. Reminds me of – I thought it’s arguments against the Macbook Air were kind of lame. A lot of people REALLY don’t care about Retina, they admint “USB C is a bit of a mess now, but” — I dunno, I have 2 usb ports, video out, a power adapter and an SD reader. The new Macbook has- one usb c for power, and/or video out, and/or anything you might want to do with USB, like maybe an SD reader… and the Macbook Pro is hella more expensive. As for “its design is dead”, I cry bullshit, it’s just about as pretty as the new Macbooks.

    Anyway, yeah. I like iPads, am bummed the mini formfactor isn’t getting more love, and will play wait and see for the new Dock-like stuff …

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