iMessage wins


Perhaps that may be the case for the tech elite who routinely vacillate between various premium smartphones, but it seems like a point that most smartphone users in the real world could care less about. Funny enough, the ultimate benefit of iMessage, in my opinion, is that it enables users to text from their Mac. And yet, this is rarely if ever brought up as a reason to stick with the iPhone, as if its core texting functionality itself is the be all end all.

Imagine a scenario where Apple released iMessage to Android, who would download it? Why would Android users care? Is there a killer iMessage app Android users need to get their hands on? It’s pure foolishness. Especially now when popular sticker and emoji packs are available on multiple smartphone platforms, it’s virtually impossible for Apple’s iMessage to stand out and lure Android users in… More at BGR.

On the face of it, iMessage does look like any other communications tool, but it is embedded in the minds of millions of people today as the default way to communicate. It just works!

Yes, an overused phrase, but whenever I use an Android device, there is nothing like it at all. WhatsApp is the closest, but there is something about iMessage that wins every time for me. Every single time.

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