It would be easy to be consumed by fury and hatred and bile


Brendan Cox spent the morning of 16 June 2016 working on the research project as normal, for an international campaign organisation called Purpose, and was on his way to lunch with his colleague when his phone rang. It was his wife’s parliamentary assistant. “Jo has been attacked. Get to Leeds as fast as you can.” Racing to the station, he called her constituency office and was told she’d been shot and stabbed. He was alone on a train, hurtling north, when the call came from Jo’s sister: “I’m so sorry, Brendan. She’s not made it.” More at The Guardian.

A heartbreaking story and one that many people, wrongly, do not believe should be classed as terrorism.

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  1. Checked Google for the definition of terrorism – the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. If this doesn’t fit, I don’t know what does. Terrorism can strike anywhere, to one person or many. It shouldn’t have to be many before we call it what it is.

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