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It takes some real grit to create a new iPhone camera app in 2017. To say that “camera apps” constitute a crowded category in the App Store is an understatement, and every camera app is competing against the system’s built-in Camera app, which (a) is very good, and (b) has built-in advantages — like being accessible from the lock screen by swiping right — that third-party apps can’t match… More at DF.

Gruber sums up Halide very well. If you look hard enough, there is a lot to like here.

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  1. Relatively few of Apple’s restrictions really chafe me, but one that does is that I can’t select a different app to put into “swipe right”. I’d much rather put in a “start video recording NOW” for my One Second Everyday quick response. (Hm, probably a security thing I guess, though, since that’s bypassing the unlocking most people have set up?)

    Making it worse is a bug or behavior I can’t figure out how to Google, but I know sometimes I swipe from the lock screen to start the camera app, switch it to video, and start recording, and it turns itself off after a few seconds. I try to observe carefully to make sure I’m not accidentally hitting the power button or anything. It’s intermittent but I’m pretty convinced a real behavior.

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