Another iPhone magazine cover shoot

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Zhang returned to her digital roots, of sorts, by appearing on the cover of Australia’s ELLE Magazine that was shot on an iPhone.

Shot during sunset on Bondi Beach by fashion photographer Georges Antoni, it’s the first magazine cover in Australia shot with the iPhone 7 Plus’ portrait mode, and follows similar work in the U.S. with Billboard magazine back in February… More at Mashable.

At some point, we will all be using very thin mobile devices for 99.999% of professional and casual photography.

2 thoughts on “Another iPhone magazine cover shoot

  1. This demonstrates that even in professional photography good editing, composition and light are what really matter

  2. Yeah, was thinking about this. There are some physical limitations tiny lenses etc have,but maybe we’ll find more and more workarounds- or all photography will be a bit more CGI-ish, but we won’t notice…

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