The best sat navs you can buy


Sat navs are sometimes dismissed as old technology, but they do offer substantial advantages over just using your smartphone for directions.

Sat navs keep your hands free while driving and removed from any temptation to fiddle with your smartphone even when it is mounted, and prevents apps from interrupting or distracting from route guidance.

And the best sat navs will also have added speed camera data and live traffic updates to keep you up to speed on your journey.

Almost 50 per cent of people use a sat nav of some kind and new regulation is set to encourage people to learn how to safely use a sat nav as part of their driving test… More at The Telegraph.

A technology I once found to be one of the most useful and it still is, but why would you not use your phone instead?

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  1. is this the same as what a USAian might call “dedicated GPS”? Like same technology GPS as a smartphone?

    I remember getting excited how my last dedicated GPS had traffic, but in practice, its lots-of-holes reports were worse than nothing at all, since it assumed “if I don’t have traffic data for a road, it must be clear sailing there, vs this other street that I know is a bit slow”

    I remember too there was a gadget you could get from amazon, that was basically doing what waze did before waze did it- collecting real time traffic data from people over the network. I think it failed to achieve the crucial critical mass of enough people using it.

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