The huge opportunity for subscription TV services

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In its bid to become the cord-cutting service of choice, Amazon UK has confirmed it’s bringing Channel add-ons to the UK. The service allows Prime subscribers to bolt subscriptions from various UK TV services onto their account, without the need for a bundle or a restrictive contract. Prices range from between £1.49 to £9.99, with notable streaming platforms including Discovery, Eurosport Player, ITV Hub+, hayu and BFI Player all available at launch… More at engadget.

There is a huge opportunity here if the channels and makers allow reasonable pricing. In theory, Netflix and Amazon can add channels whereas traditional cable services may struggle a little. Can only see this going one way.

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1 thought on “The huge opportunity for subscription TV services

  1. It’s getting to the point where subscribing up to a lot of services will be about the same or more as just getting the damn cable packages.

    I guess sharability is the elephant in the room- streaming services have to walk the line between frustrating legit customers, letting mooched service act as a commercial for someone who might subscribe later, and large scale freeloading.

    Moved in with my GF, and she likes having cable tv around…. honestly I’ve sort of forgotten how to watch – having to use the TIvo for stuff, or how all the good HD channels are weirdly clustered in the “600s” for strange historical reasons… and just not being use to browsing around til something good showed up

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