How TV logos were made before computers

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 19.29.04.png

The photo depicts the TV channel’s shimmering logo as a physical installation–what looks like a tunnel of strings with the RTF word mark floating in the center. It shows the lengths to which the television company went to produce a dynamic logo that went beyond the 2D marks of the day. An archival video shows the result of the intriguing contraption–the quivering strings create an animated shimmering effect… More at Co.Design.

I guess we take what we can do with computers for granted, but the sheer effort needed for some of these logos is staggering compared to the time it would take today.

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  1. Now it’s all electronic. When your kids and grandkids are old enough to appreciate it, show them how special effects, both audio and visual, were made back in the day.

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