How can the iPad replace your laptop?


Mouse support would turn the iPad and the Smart Keyboard combo into a true competitor to the laptop, as well as position it as a direct competitor to devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro… More at ZDNet.

No it wouldn’t.

Mouse support would make a big different, but to presume that this change alone would build a laptop competitor is pure folly.

The list is long to make the iPad replace a laptop and it reaches the point very quickly that you may as well buy a laptop anyway.

Full multi-tasking OS, multiple users, really good keyboard, tons of power and on and on and on.

The iPad is not a laptop and it never will be.

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2 replies

  1. Most notably file system as well… at least folders besides Dropbox and photo album to share in different apps

  2. Same here. I like my iPad, but it complements my laptop, and isn’t near to replacing it.

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