Use Apple Pay for everything


I have been under the misunderstanding that Apple Pay was limited to £30, just like my contactless debit card, but Neil has put me right on that.

He has used it for many payments and has had no problems at all. My understanding is that you need to use the iPhone (fingerprint) for larger payments and not the Apple Watch, but it does seem as though it can be used for almost every payment you need to make.

Suspect I will be using it a lot more in future.

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  1. My understanding is that all contactless terminals accept Apple Pay, but that, to go over the £30 contactless limit, the terminal needs to be upgraded. Generally, you’ll see an Apple Pay sign either on the terminal display, or around the till point.

    Around here, most places that take contactless payments seem to be fully Apple Pay enabled so, for most purchases, I use Apple Pay.

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