Britain’s Doomsday Nuke Subs Still Run Windows XP


Britain’s fleet of missile submarines, HMS Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant, and Vengeance, are four of the deadliest ships ever built. Armed with nuclear weapons, the four “boomers” patrol the oceans, providing a powerful deterrent against a surprise nuclear attack on the United Kingdom.

The four Vanguard-class ballistic missile submarines provide the UK’s entire nuclear deterrent. Each nuclear-powered submarine has up to eight Trident II missiles and a total of 40 nuclear warheads. That’s enough firepower to devastate entire countries. It’s an awesome responsibility, and the submarines are built to the task. Nuclear reactors provide enough power to remain submerged almost indefinitely, while Spearfish torpedoes provide defense against enemy submarines.

The four submarines have just one critical flaw: They all run Windows XP… More at PM.

No words… Thanks to Russ.

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  1. Clearly the author has no concept of either armed services operations or the defence industry in general! Ah well.

  2. If you run it long enough, do you eventually eradicate all the bugs? The other side is that they still have hardware that will run Windows XP.

  3. i suppose the threat profile is different if they aren’t online… they arent online are they?
    (tho tainted usb sticks can be a problem)

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