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In a time where technology products are being built at an exponential rate, it is more important than ever to ask  “why?”.

Our time & attention are the two most important things that we take for granted the hundred of times a day we reach for our screens.

So many products are claiming to “make our lives better”. They are engineered to keep us hooked. They are being built & funded because we will become addicted to them, not because we ever needed them. You see, we are human, and we are vulnerable. Being more “connected” couldn’t possibly make us any happier… More here.

I am struggling to see the need for such a device. All of the nice words in the world don’t get away from the fact that the majority want more from a phone, a majority of 99%.

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  1. I would imagine that SMS text is a bare minimum for a lot of people.
    Or even if you were ok with insisting “voice is the only way to talk with me” – I wonder if the ten speed dials are all number based, so you have to remember which number goes to which person.

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