Does your cat hate you?


Murray (left) loves me. I get the sense that Gizmo (right) thinks I am a piece of sh*t.

Although there was clear individual variability in cat preference, social interaction with humans was the most-preferred stimulus category for the majority of cats, followed by food. This was true for cats in both the pet and shelter population… More at ScienceDirect.

I know my dog loves me, but I do get the feeling my cat thinks I am way below her.

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  1. Cats choose their people. That’s one reason why we have 12. We fostered pregnant females and some of the kittens adopted us. And cats have different personalities. Some are standoffish and some love to be petted. We have two cats that will plunk themselves in front of you on the kitchen counter and roll around so you can scratch their bellies, but only when they want. But some of them just aren’t interested in being petted and they’ll stay away, unless there’s food of course. Then there’s one of the ones who adopted me. He’ll come up and do the head butt thing. Part of that is marking me with his scent, I’m his, and part of it is to get attention. But I can pick him up any time and he’ll be very content. I think he sees me as an equal but that may just be my fantasy.

  2. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

    Cats would be totally independent, if they didn’t have itchy heads.

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