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Apple has published very specific interface design guidelines for MacOS and iOS. It’s pretty obvious when a Mac app is not following the guidelines. In the early days of the Mac, an app that didn’t follow the guidelines was often shunned, no matter how useful it was. Not so much these days but it’s still pretty obvious when an app is “different”. Similarly with iOS. I can’t speak to Android, but while there may be Windows guidelines, in my experience, developers did their own thing, good or bad. That made for an inconsistent user experience.

That said, it depends what you want to do. When I get asked about buying computers, the first question I ask is what do you want to do, or what types of things do you want to do. Yes, there are things that they might want to add in the future, but the initial list gives a pretty good idea. The next question is how much they know or care to know about the details, although most people who know the details know enough not to need to ask the initial question.

On my desktop I want flexibility but also stability and consistency. MacOS gives me that to a much greater degree than Windows or Linux. In hand, I want stability and consistency, but the flexibility isn’t as important. I do very little what I would call real computing on my phone or tablet so iOS for me. Bob

Exactly why I use macOS and iOS.

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