Revolutionary Phone Failures

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Every year, gadget companies like to flaunt out their latest flagship smartphones and show off all of the “revolutionary” features that will make this slab of glass and metal different from the nearly-identical looking slab of glass and metal already in our pockets.

Sometimes, those new features and those phones really are revolutionary, but more often than not, history has shown us that for every Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, there are a dozen more products with amazing-sounding features that never took off. Here are some of the most significant phone flops of all time… More at Gizmodo.

Some memories here, but I cleverly managed to avoid them all.

2 thoughts on “Revolutionary Phone Failures

  1. Peter Collinson May 4, 2017 — 8:05 am

    Palm Pre – arguably killed partly by palm lovers who didn’t like the differences.

    1. And the fact it was pretty crap:)

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