The Palm V box is almost as big as my dog

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I bought a Palm V via eBay for £0.99 + minimal postage and it was brand new and sealed. OK, I hadn’t considered how I am going to get the games on it I wrote about recently, but the first surprise was the size of the box. Did we really think that was normal for packaging back in the day?

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  1. I’ve got a backup of some of my old palm apps (the prc files at least), if you want me to have a look for any specific apps etc?

  2. What a cool upgrade in design that was.
    I was thinking about wondering if you had considered a TX or something that can read an SD card, for ease of getting programs on to it, but the TX really lacks the grace that this one had.

  3. But the big box also has a craddle in it and some disks with software, these days you’ll be lucky to get a quick starters guide with a link to an online PDF to download just in case you want to find out more.

  4. On the other hand, I find Apple’s packaging ridiculously small. I remember getting an iPod Nano, 5th edition, and having to fight to get it open, and to remove the accessories (headphones and charging cable). And then when it’s functionality was replaced by my iPod Touch, 5th edition, it was a real pain trying to get everything back into that little plastic container. But yes, some of the size of previous electronics was due to manuals that are now, mostly, on line.

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