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I learned my lesson about the importance of office politics in the beginning of my career. I received two promotions very quickly and thought the secret to getting ahead was doing great work. But after eight years with a company and a rapid rise to an AVP role, I discovered that what I thought was the right formula for getting ahead was wrong. I was passed over for the promotion to VP despite my outstanding performance. What happened? I didn’t pay attention to what was going on in my company. I avoided office politics and was therefore totally ignorant about how the decision for that VP job would be made. And what’s worse, I stayed out in the field and failed to nurture important relationships with the people in corporate who had power and influence over my career… More at Forbes.

My experience of office politics is that the majority of people are cowards and are at the same time selfish if they are in an environment that breeds such traits.

I suspect that I have been naive in the past when it comes to the way people are and that I probably am today, but I still see people ‘winning’ who are not capable of doing their jobs and who have little empathy for their colleagues.

There must be some kind of gene that causes the majority to be that way, presumably the fight of flight one, but it is prevalent in so many workplaces and it is the perfect way to ensure inefficiency. Such a shame.

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