The APOLLO 1 smartphone


The above image is merely a design concept and perhaps not particularly practical, but it does remind me that modern-day smartphones are largely all the same in terms of design; a thin slab of glass which is evolving into a thin slab glass with curvy bits here and there.

It feels that the time is right to look at different sizes and shapes again so that we can bring more personality back to the phone industry, but that is very difficult to do in a world where slabs sell by the million.

I have no doubt that the manufacturers want to create unique and unusual designs, but it feels as though the motivation is not there at the moment. Maybe in a few years…

Categories: Tech News

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  1. It looks like something you might get for the shear beauty of it rather than being purely practical. But for now, I’d prefer companies to invest in giving us better battery life rather than nice shapes, though there’s no reason the two shouldn’t go hand in hand!

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