Apple Watch face and complication combos


Unlike Android Wear, the Apple Watch doesn’t have third-party watch faces. But that doesn’t mean that those looking for the best Apple Watch faces are short of customisation options. Complications offer a way to customise your Watch experience outside of Apple’s own digital walls.

If you’ve tried to set up complications on your Apple Watch, you know it can be difficult to know where to begin. Which watch face do you choose? Which complications should you use? How many should you set up? More at Wareable.

I think the intention of this article is to highlight the ways in which you can customise your Apple Watch, but the end result merely highlights the lack of customisation available to Apple Watch users.

For example, ‘The Activity Tracker’ person can choose the activity tracking watch face. Wow!

And ‘The Fun One’ can choose Mickey Mouse. One of the most pointless articles I have ever read apart from the fact it accidentally shows that we need more options.

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  1. How many different faces does any one of your dumbwatches show? 🙂

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