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I’m not a fan of TAG Heuer. The quartz watches are unbelievably overpriced and some of the mechanicals also suffer from the same problem. A Caliber 5 mechanical movement is a tarted up ETA 2824-2 which can be bought for $200 on its own, but the cost of the actual watch is by a magnitude much higher, and without a huge amount of sophistication added to the overall product.

So, I will never buy a Tag Heuer watch, but I did get 30 minutes with the TAG Heuer Connected over the weekend and came away really quite impressed.

TAG Heuer has done a good job of making the entire package feel like a luxury affair and everything from the box to the accessories to the watch itself felt decent to me. It all comes together perfectly to create a look that feels more watch than smart watch to me and even at £1,200 there is a sense of the price not being too extreme. However, the versions that run over £5,000 do seem unnecessarily expensive.

So, it looks good and it feels good on the wrist, but my time came crashing down quite quickly when I played with the software and realised that it is just Android Wear running in a very expensive case. The sense that this is no different than a £150 second-hand Android Wear watch came through immediately and never has the phrase ‘a pig in lipstick’ seemed to true.

I am not aversed to Android Wear, but it isn’t that good if truth be told and it didn’t take long for me to go back to my original thoughts on TAG Heuer. An inexpensive engine running in a needlessly expensive casing- in that way the Connected is no different than any other TAG watch.

I should add that in my opinion the same is true of the Ceramic Apple Watch and the Hermes offerings. They are the same watch as the base models with little value added on for a lot of money.

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  1. £1,200?! For how long will the software be supported and updated? What is the projected lifespan?

  2. After the two years warranty period, you can upgrade your watch for 1’500 USD to a special edition TAG Heuer Carrera which will be only available for TAG Heuer Connected owners. The watch has an automatic 3-hands movement and resembles the design and materials of the TAG Heuer Connected. The exchange can be processed through any of our worldwide stores selling the connected watch or by contacting our support centers.

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