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For some reason I was thinking about Astraware yesterday and some of the amazing games they made for PDAs of the past. They still make great games today, but in an industry that is much larger and very difficult to reach the top within.

I then started thinking about some of the games I loved a lot and wondered if any of you knew of alternatives that are available today on iOS and Android? It seems that there are some games (mostly Palm OS) that have never been recreated for modern mobile devices.

Igzo The Dolphin


A near perfect game which was hugely addictive on Palm OS devices. It simply involved jumping a dolphin through hoops and the repetitiveness was what ironically made it so great to play.

Amusement Park


Such simple games cobbled together to make you want to beat your high score in each, and then to round it all up by getting your best overall high score. Loved it!



For some reason the 2D mobile version of Monopoly worked brilliantly whereas the new 3D slick versions are just too complex for their own good. Give me a 2D version back.



What a great game this was, but sadly it didn’t make it past the very earliest mobile devices.

Biplane Ace


Great (!) game from Astraware. Played this for hours and hours and hours.

Are there any other games that you want to play again?

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  1. “Escape” was my favourite.

    1. Oh yes, but I didn’t include that because it doesn’t work with a finger because you can’t see all of the squares- need a thin stylus.

  2. Palm’s Rally 1000 had the same problem as Monopoly for the official port as Milles Bourne – too slick for its own good, all this time wasted in animation and 3D show off goofiness. Rally 1000 had such a well balanced AI as well, you could set it to not be TOO good 😀 (heh, there’s this “Road Rally 1000” port for Android… trying to remember if that’s the same guy)

    Noiz – http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/palm/noiz_e.html – you can play an over the top color version if you know how to get java applets working, maybe – but the spare Palm version was impressive in terms of the amount of animation and the cleverness of the pattern groups, plus it had a smart “resume game” feature so you could always be progressing. The java source is available online, I’m half tempted to try to port it.

    Of course iOS is already in this boat (and will be joined by the thousands once the next major OS version bumps) There was a totally lovely little 2D tank game called Disney commissioned for the Tron movie… I think it was called “Tron” (also had light cycles etc) – might have even had online play. It was well tuned and pretty, and now it’s gone.

    1. I’m tempted to pick up an old Palm OS PDA and to try playing some of these again

  3. “Amusement Park” looks kind of charming! I have an old Palm TX w/ SD card reader, I found a ROM, maybe I’ll try it out after I move and get my life back together. It reminds me of “Wish”, one of the card variants in this old old Macintosh compliation (including a milles bourne port, come to think of it), trivial matching solitaire where you got to make a wish after playing through.

    Also reminds me of the charm of Warioware games, wrapping little microgames in a bigger structure (same for Mario Party series, for multiplayer)

  4. Rally 1000 was a great implementation. The best version was the last black and white version because it had a great cheat. Start entering letters alphabetically and around the letter “Q” it flashes “Death to Palm”. From there, do a re-deal and it gives you every hazard card, and if you play it right, you can get a perfect game (4300 points I think).

    Astraware had a great port of Infinite Adventures in Infinite Space, although their port of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space for the iPad was much better (due to the larger screen).

    Salexo had a super Texas Hold ‘Em game.

    My favourite by far was Red Mercury’s AcidSolitaire. They offered a rather expense port for iOS, but have subsequently gone out of business, so there will be no upgrade love for iOS 11.

    I have an old Treo 680 that I run these games on.

    1. . With the advent of iOS killing all 32 bit apps, I finally found a use for my iPad first edition. They stopped upgrading it at iOS 5. So now I’ve loaded all my 16 bit apps that are not going to be upgraded and will put it beside my Treo 680 on my night table for reminiscent game play.

      1. Had to go back through my archives for a couple more:

        Zap 2000 – a top down scrolling shooter
        Farkle – dice game – has an iOS port, but went a little silly by adding a Western theme. Switched to iFarkle on iOS
        Planetarium – not exactly a game, but a fun astronomy app
        Bejeweled – also with an iOS port

  5. I spent far too long playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on my Razr. The stealth was just “lite” enough to make it fun with lots of replayability to get everything just right.

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