The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. Watch


The formula is rather simple, actually. First, brands assume that some people really like luxury watches and are willing to pay premium prices for original and exclusive designs. Second, they know that items which remind consumers of things they loved as a child become in demand at some point after people become adults and start to reflect on their lives. Thus, if they can come up with an exclusive watch that also reminds people of a positive influential aspect of their childhood – then they will most certainly be able to sell a few timepieces… More at A Blog To Watch.

Can’t deny the feelings and memories such a product brings and I can’t deny the way it has been put together. The price, however, goes against the entire idea of it in my view.

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  1. Heh, the pixel style I see is common for retro game homages (like, tattoos people might get) but I have mixed feelings about it- where they outline each region of fat square pixels with thin borders, which makes things more durable on different backgrounds etc.

    But pixels were what they were for a reason! They reflected the best the technology could do at the time, and wiry outlines seems like such a cheat…

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