Short Film: Find my Phone

I’m not totally convinced by a situation that is set up in this way, but there is some good information included.

Neil made some good points on Twitter about it as well-

Yes, the guy stole a phone. But should that mean the original owner can intercept calls, take remote photos, download contacts etc.?

I don’t know the tool used, but it appears to be easily available, very capable, hard to remove, and at least reasonably covert.

Does a thief, or a purchase of a stolen phone (knowingly or not) have a legitimate expectation of privacy? Or were the actions acceptable?

All the more interesting in this case that the phone was configured with the sole intention of having it stolen, to track: a “set up” job.

All this happened in Europe (Netherlands). Is this domestic purposes? Or some other excepted basis? Seems a stretch.

But still interesting!

It then got more worrying when Neil asked the following over iMessage-

Also makes me think about eBay / PSCForum etc – how do you know the second hand phone you buy doesn’t have this pre-installed? Scary.

That is a very good point.

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