What Is Broken Inside Of You


But why would you continue wearing it, in that case? Yes, that is a question. After all, I bought the thing—if I’m just going to ignore it, that would make it a stupid purchase. Consider, though, the kind of person whose quest for a better, healthier lifestyle includes the purchase of a wearable tech whose sole function is to buzz and annoy the wearer when they are sitting or standing poorly. Probably what has kept this person from having this ideal lifestyle during all the years before they finally purchased this thing was not that they did not have a shirt collar that was sufficiently technologically advanced—probably the fact that they would even require a shirt collar with spatial awareness and limited powers of locomotion in order to sit up straight means that clarity of purpose, attention, and self-motivation in the specific realm of physical well-being are areas of some dysfunction… More at Gizmodo.

If it helps 1% of people, it is of benefit.

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