What can you buy in place of one Apple Watch strap?

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My wife wanted a strap for her new Apple Watch and had decided on this one directly from Apple. For £49 she could get a 38mm Light Pink/Midnight Blue Woven Nylon strap and that was it.



So, before she did that I offered to order her a strap from Amazon instead, but chose to see what I could get her for £49. We have Prime so the postage was free which is an advantage, but the below is what she received in the post today-

Apple Watch Band, Sunorm Classical Leather Strap Wrist Band


This set us back a whopping £3.99. It’s a bit stiff, but should soften over time.

OULUOQI Milanese Loop Magnetic Lock Stainless Steel Bracelet


£9.99 and excellent quality. It’s also ideal for attaching to her uniform as a fob watch when taking pulses etc.

JETech 38mm Buffalo Leather Strap Wrist Band


£5.49 and it really does look very smart.

Pinhen Newest Fine Woven Nylon Strap Replacement Wrist Band


£13.80. Look familiar?

Spigen [Charging Dock] [Premium TPU] Sleek Apple Watch Charging Stand


£7.59. I have one of these in black and they do exactly what they need to at a brilliant price.

Ontube For Apple Watch Band Nike+


£8.88 for when she goes running.

So, the big box arrived and the first words that came out of her mouth were-

“How much did you spend?!?”

£49.74 sweetheart.”

“Oh… you win. Thanks, I love you.”

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  1. Shaun, good to see your passion for accessories continues to this day. If it’s not an iPhone case, then its a strap for its little buddy. Keep writing the good stuff. Cheers

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