Best and worst broadband providers of 2017


There’s a reasonable chance you’ll face a technical issue with broadband: 21% of our survey respondents reported a problem with very slow speeds over the past year, 17% told us of frequent connection dropouts, and 14% had hitches with their router.

There are a few things you can do at home to help. It’s a good idea to place a router close to where you’ll be using the web, and put it on a raised surface instead of the carpet.

But ultimately it’s your provider that is responsible for fixing faults and keeping you up to date with progress. Our survey shows big differences in the quality of technical support. More than 70% of Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet customers rated theirs as excellent or good. Only 26% of TalkTalk’s found it to be either, and 18% described it as poor or very poor… More at Which.

It appears that the bigger providers are struggling in certain areas.

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