A Look Back At Braun And The Rebirth Of A Few Classics


Ever heard of Dieter Rams? He was the design director of Braun from 1955 to 1995, the decades when it built its über-purist appliances, record players, radios, clocks, and watches. Even if you’ve never used one of his creations, you’ve definitely felt his influence in the objects you see and touch every day. We got in touch with the watch and clock designer that worked with Rams, the man behind the no-nonsense AW 10 and AW 50 watches, which were just reissued at Baselworld 2017, to get a little more insight into these truly timeless designs… More at Hodinkee.

Some of the products in the article above are breathtakingly good, but I admit to never being a fan of Braun watches. They are designed well, but the air of cheap quartz pervades throughout.

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