It breaks my heart


Schoolchildren will be given better access to NHS mental health workers in an attempt to stop depression and anxiety from becoming “entrenched” and “destroying” their lives.

Prince Harry was praised for his bravery after revealing in an interview with The Telegraph that he had sought counselling to help come to terms with the death of his mother.

Theresa May hailed his intervention and said it would help “smash the stigma” surrounding mental health and make thousands of people realise that they are “not alone”… More at The Telegraph.

Imagine being a parent of a child who has been bullied for 2 years and who has gradually found it more and more difficult to go to school.

Imagine having to watch the sheer terror on her face when a new school day arrives and you have to persuade her to at least try to go to the school.

Imagine being told by your daughter’s school that despite countless detentions and sanctions, the children doing the bullying have to stay at the school and receive an education because the rules say so.

Imagine having your daughter referred to the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in November 2016 and still waiting for the first assessment because resources are so stretched.

Imagine watching your daughter deteriorate in front of your eyes and not being able to help her despite countless school meetings and acknowledgements from her school that you as parents are doing everything you can to get her in to school.

Imagine being threatened with a hefty fine and a potential criminal record because the rules state that after a certain number of absences that has to happen.

Imagine potentially losing your job because any kind of criminal conviction makes you unsuitable for the professional healthcare role you do.

Imagine having to effectively choose between giving up work or watching your daughter suffer every single day.

Imagine being told that while the authorities recognise that the mental health care your daughter desperately needs is not available, the process of fining parents has to continue and that you have to make more efforts to put her in a place every day where the people are who continue to bully her.

Imagine watching countless victims receive no support and watching the bullies just carry on as normal.

Imagine that happening in 2017.

Imagine a government expecting you to vote for them in a snap election with a track record that leaves the most vulnerable to fend for themselves.

Well done to Harry for speaking out.

Shame on you, Theresa May, for having the gaul to even speak about a subject that your government has made progressively worse over the past half-decade.

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