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If you’ve read any book Murakami has written, you’ll know that he scatters music throughout, like a great filmmaker imbuing the story with greater story. I happen to love, yes love, Haruki Murakami’s writing which makes me more than interested in him. Being more than interested in music, to boot, makes this 3,350 song Spotify playlist more than a playlist; it’s like an thought-journey in song… More at Audio Stream.

I don’t like the idea of this at all, but it may just be me. When I find a song, an album or an artists that I really like, I want to enjoy the music over and over to really understand it. Big playlists make music more disposable in my opinion.

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  1. If memory serves you’re more in favor of experiencing, say, whole albums than I am (I might not have enough patience to take an entire work, for me it’s generally the “1 or 2 good songs plus filler”) but totally agree about not taking on ginormous playlists, all at once – people sometimes would offer to give me access to their whole collection that way, and it’s always overwhelming at best.

    My strategy remains stumbling on songs as single spies and not in battalions, often in the background to a tv show or even a commercial. (It probably helps that I have deeply shallow taste in music) And then keeping up a “most recently added” playlist that I start with daily or so.

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