Color By Disney is a subscription app. Yes, it really is.


Color By Disney is a subscription app, and without one, you have only four images you can color. If you want a subscription, you should think long and hard about which one you want before you sign up, because once you pick a subscription, it’s not easy to change it. There are three subscription types: Weekly ($2.99), Monthly ($7.99), and Yearly ($39.99). The longer you commit to, the cheaper the subscription, so if you’re someone who thinks they’re going to spend a lot of time coloring here, then you should definitely consider the longer subscriptions. That said, the yearly subscription is $40. You could buy two movies for that money. They’d probably last longer, too… More at Android Central.

$7.99 per month for a pretend colouring-in book? Really?

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  1. But it’s Disney. They’ve become one of the worst at squeezing money out of everything they can. And when the kids start clamouring for more…

    Of course the smart thing to do is go to the store and buy a paper colouring book.

  2. Or download a different app. My daughter liked this sort of thing when she was little, but not for that price.

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