Why did Nintendo kill the NES Classic Edition?

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This ensures that there will be many disappointed Nintendo fans. In November, I offered some possible reasons for the shortage of the Classic, a delightful and affordable bit of nostalgia paradoxically intended for yet largely unavailable for holiday consumption. While the Classic’s discontinuation might be seen as a sign that Nintendo hates money, the reverse is true. Nintendo loves green more than Mario loves Peach. Whether scarce by a lack of foresight as Nintendo explains or intentional scarcity as history suggests, the Classic served as a distraction from the company’s near-term bet, the Switch, and its long-term bet, smartphone games. Those two endeavors have something the Classic lacked, the potential for monetization far beyond the initial transaction. Simply put, the Classic provided too much value to consumers, even at inflated prices offered by profiteers… More at ZDNet.

Very interesting and something that happens all of the time, but in this case a bit too obviously for Nintendo’s tastes.

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  1. I just bought one of these for 50 bucks american- being able to read new ROMs of the SD card is a huge part of the appeal
    (especially since I can show of the Atari 2600 games I wrote 🙂

    But yeah, the Flashback series is nifty, but there’s a bit of a lack of class with most of these things, they still smell a bit like cheap 3rd party pirate gear.

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