Mr. Ryusuke Moriai

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The first watch Mr. Moriai designed is actually still produced today. He was responsible for the Casio F-91W, which was supposed to be small, easy to read, and very durable for the money. It also happened to be very cheap – I don’t think it has ever sold at a retail price of more than $30. Most industrial designers don’t get so lucky on their first attempt, but Mr. Moriai was. In fact, Casio as a company has been very lucky in their success selling modern watches. You see more Casio products on people’s wrists in Japan than pretty much any other watch – and the situation isn’t that dissimilar in other parts of the world where looking cool and being on time are a priority… More at A Blog To Watch.

Mr. Ryusuke Moriai has a legacy that lives on the wrists of millions of people. The F-91W in the photo above is mine which I wear on the inside of my right right to get instant time. It is so small, it does not look like a watch and so it compliments my Apple Watch on the other wrist well.

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