How Much Time Do People Spend On Social Media?

What surprises me about the infographic below is just how small Twitter is. Twitter is at the top for me and I’m not convinced that YouTube is ‘social media’ as such, but it’s good to see these numbers anyway.

Too many people believe that social media is somehow evil just because it is new. On the whole, it isn’t.

How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Infographic
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  1. Dislike the smarmy undertone “what could you do with this time” – yeah, like I’d do any of that crap if I wasn’t doing social media. (Or maybe it’s just trying to give a sense of scale, but it’s pretty stupid regardless)

    Lumping youtube into “social media” to me is even weird than doing so for Twitter- at least some fraction of twitter I used to engage in was by folks I knew, but hardly anyone I know is making youtube videos that I’d watch. Dunno if “Kids These Days” treat it more egalitarian than that?

    But somehow twitter got away from me. It got to be too much of a flood, and FOMO bugged me about missing so much of it that ironically I pretty much quit it, after one last attempt to break my lists into people who are funny, people i know in real life. people who are artistic, , and everything else, and only caring about the first two.

    Still for yelling at organizations and getting results, or providing a bully pulpit for megalomaniacal self-aggrandizing and deeply on the offensive politicians, twitter can’t be beat.

  2. Most articles that discuss anything that has appeared in the last 20 years have a tone that it must somehow be bad.

  3. We’ve talked about this before. Television was bad. Why would anyone waste their time on a computer. And so on. Hell, even pot is no longer “bad”.

    I want to see an age breakdown of the usage stats. And throw texting and phoning in for good measure. Now compare that to how much time people used to talk to each other and phone each other 10 years ago.

    If “young” people today are spending 2-3 hours on social media and texting, what were the equivalent group doing 10 years ago or 20 years ago or 30 years ago. Is (are?) social media replacing other things or is it just more apparent by being mobile? I’m sure there’s research on this but I’m too busy, and not on social media, to research it. 🙂

  4. Just asked my 15 year old son if he thinks You Tube should be regarded as social media… and though we didn’t have an in-depth conversation about it, his reply was “Yes, because you talk in the comments.”

    My conversation with a 17 year old girl a few years ago about Instagram still stands out in my mind. She told me all the rules and how important getting “likes” was to your social status. Not that long ago I watched an episode of Black Mirror season 3 episode 1, where social media and “likes” are the currency in life… a scary thought for the likes of me (pun intended)… who like to fit in and be liked… but more or less on their own terms!

    As for the average time we spend on social media? I guess it all depends on the person. I dedicate very little time to it, but it’s because I’m not interested. My daughter spends more time on social media because it’s important to her, my son is addicted to You Tube, and I prefer coming here! Is it a good way to spend ones time or bad? I don’t know, but like Kirk said, when I’m not here on LIM, I’m probably also not scaling Mt. Everest and back!

    • Fascinating!
      Is your 15 yr old comment/conversing with people he knows in real life?
      Is he communicating with the same bunch of people repeatedly?
      Is it on videos by people he knows?

      (I’m not saying his view of “what’s social media” is incorrect, that it NEEDS continuity of some kind to be “social”, but I’d like to know if we’re talking about the same kind of thing.)

      • I was just looking at You Tube now, and there are conversation you can follow. I wonder if it’s a bit like coming here, the same people probably watch the same videos and comment. I know at school several kids are making their own videos, and at first they get all their friends in real life to follow them. Anyway, I’ll get more info during the week from those at the forefront of it all.

  5. I’ll need to talk to him some more, right now he’s at his mum’s place. But I’ll ask some classes at school tomorrow to see what they all think in general terms.

    • It’ll be interesting to hear. It’s good to be reminded that not everyone uses these services the same way, especially across generations.

      Man, I miss Usenet sometimes. 😀 A friend of mine (who sometimes leans a bit conspiracy- minded for my taste) thinks that its distributed, uncentralized nature led to it being somehow repressed. Personally I blame the September that never ended…. (and for all I know it still has its own various communities still rocking in, I just never found access to it after my old uni account gave up on it)

      • There’s always the option of a UseNet service provider but they charge. Don’t know if there’s a free one. Or even if the communities are the same as they used to be.

        As I recall, there wasn’t very much bashing or flaming. People disagreed or were told they were wrong, but in a fairly polite way, certainly polite compared to what happens today on social media.

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