The Misfit Flare


The Misfit Flare’s tracking abilities aren’t limited to steps. It can track different exercises, like walking, running, yoga, soccer, basketball, and swimming. If you do want to track swim laps, you’ll need to make a $10 in-app purchase.

Despite its name, the Flare isn’t exactly for folks looking for a fashion-forward tracker. It has an even simpler design than the Shine and comes nowhere near to the style of the Swarovski options. It’s a simple aluminum case and a silicone band… More at iMore.

When I first saw the Misfit Flare, I thought it was way behind the curve, but there could be much sense to releasing a cheap product like this.

How many people do you see wearing fitness trackers? I am guessing very few and so the market for the low-end could still be very large indeed.

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