N.ORANIE Apple Watch Band thoughts


I wanted to publish some quick thoughts about the N.ORANIE Apple Watch Band which I bought from Amazon recently for £18.99. The brown version, above, is currently unavailable, but you can pick up the black and brown variances here which look as well made to me.

All I wanted to say is that after a few weeks of ownership, it looks as good as it did when I first tried it and has aged very slightly in the right way. Leather should age appropriately and this one does in a surprising way when the cost is considered.

The strap itself is very soft, extremely comfortable and adds a huge amount of personality and style to the Apple Watch which I really did not expect. It does come as a double loop version as well, which has always seemed ridiculous to me, so I just put on the 2 piece and it works perfectly.

Black lugs would be a good option for those of us with black Apple Watches, but the silver lugs also kind of work with my space black watch. Overall, this is one of the best purchases I have made for a long time and it makes me feel more at home away from a real watch.

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