When Does an Old Smartphone Become Unsafe to Use?


Apple supports its smartphones for about five years after a model is released, giving the devices the latest versions of iOS and the latest patches to known vulnerabilities. That’s pretty generous considering that most people get a new smartphone every two or three years.

For example, if you are using an iPhone 4s, released in October 2011, it might be difficult to upgrade to iOS 10, released in September 2016. But you would be able to use iOS 9, released in September 2015.

The oldest iPhone that iOS 10 can run on is the iPhone 5, from September 2012. However, you can put money on the likelihood that the iPhone 5 won’t be able to run iOS 11… More at tom’s guide.

Apple and Samsung would like you to think no more than 2 years.

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  1. I was frustrated with the number of 32 bits apps that I have that are going to be lost if the developers choose not to upgrade them for iOS 11. Of the top four:
    1) has gone out of business (Red Mercury)
    2) has changed focus and is not longer developing games.
    3) has opted to replace their game with a one that requires in-app purchases
    4) had not touched the game in years and promptly removed it from the App store (after I brought it to their attention).

    Not to dismay, my wife pointed out they will all run nicely on my iPad first edition, for which Apple stopped sending upgrade love.

    This is like my Treo 680 which I keep charged to run a couple of my favourite Palm games.

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