Timex: the best value watch you can buy?


Some of us have always known Timex to be, in cultural terms, the best watch money can buy. Historically, the brand has stood for no-nonsense, all-American classicism, offering an escape from the status-watch game. George W. Bush wore one as president to shore up his common-man bona fides—notwithstanding that a Timex is also a totem called out in The Official Preppy Handbook.

People at the company like to tell anecdotes of their chief executive showing up at a conference wearing the Easy Reader—available on the company’s website for as little as $30—and proceeding to confer with another captain of industry who is wearing the same model attached to a crocodile strap… More at Bloomberg.

Timex watches are super accurate, very well designed and amazing value for money. They also tick louder than any other watch I have owned thanks to the less than stellar parts they use. Almost perfect.

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