The Secret Shame of the Cracked Phone


I polled Twitter recently after a rash of complaints about my phone, asking exactly how ashamed I should be of my shattered screen on a scale of 1 to 10. “11,” one friend said. “Ten billion,” known jerk David Pierce replied. Colleagues told me I was undatable as a grown adult with a job who walks around with a cracked iPhone. “I think everyone should always fix their screens unless you are in severe financial hardship,” Kate Knibbs said some months back. “To be rude, if I were single I would not date someone with a broken screen.” Speaking to my editor about writing this story, I expressed how confusing it was that my phone had become such a blight. His response: “I think as a tech editor, it’s a truly shameful act.” I found no allies… More at The Ringer.

It sounds silly, but I must admit that when I see someone trying to use a phone with a badly cracked screen I sub-consciously make all sorts of judgements about them. The main one being that I don’t understand why they would continue to struggle using it, not that they cannot afford to fix it.

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  1. Give the figures attached to breakage, no surprise that some manufacturers want to corner the repair market!

  2. I’ve just been seeing too many people lately wondering round happy as Larry with cracked screens, and I’ve been left in despair wondering if anyone even cares about their beautiful devices anymore? And what’s worse is that then they want to actually hold my baby in their buttery paws to look at a picture or what not a little better and then pass it around to all the others who have cracked screens on top of that! Over my dead body, look at how you treat your own!!

    A slight exaggeration I know. Still, I have once put a tiny scratch somehow on onenof my screens, and it bugged the hell out of me. I use a basic case to cover the back and sides, no screen protection and I often keep it in a soft sunglass pouch when it’s in my pocket doing nothing, though not so much lately. I do have my left pocket exclusively reserved for my phone, and everything else goes in the other. Keys and phone screens are not good friends methinks!

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