New York 2140


Over the course of his career, Kim Stanley Robinson has written some of the best known — and most plausible — works of science fiction: Red Mars, 2312, and Aurora, just to name a few. Robinson’s books are incredibly detailed, chock-full of realistic science, and almost always carry with them a relevant message about the present.

In his latest novel, New York 2140, Robinson takes a look at the future of the planet as sea levels rise due to a warming climate and the changes civilization needs to make in order to survive. It’s surreal to be reading this book right now, especially against the backdrop of the Trump administration’s dismissal of the dangers that climate change poses. There’s already a number of fairly bleak novels out there about the affects of climate change. (Look no further than Paolo Bacigalupi’s excellent novels The Windup Girl and The Water Knife.) But Robinson’s book feels like the most optimistic take on our future yet. Sure, the water levels will rise, the Earth is going through a mass extinction event, and a lot of people will die as a result, but when things get really bad, society, he seems to suggest, can still manage to survive… More at The Verge.

That’s on my reading list.

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