The L-Rod secondary screen


The L-Rod secondary screen has officially ruined me for all other secondary screens. With an aesthetic so classy it may just put my primary electronics to shame, the L-Rod sits comfortably beside your work-screen, giving you an additional wireless display that sleekly sits in place, with little to no parallax, thanks to its wedge screen edge.

The Name L-Rod comes from the display’s stand. The L shaped rod sits around the display, and turns into a sturdy stand by rotating the tip of the L at a 45° axis (forming another L in the process). The L shaped rod allows the screen to be used in landscape as well as vertical orientations, while also doubling down as a handle for carrying the L-Rod around with you… More at YD.

It isn’t real yet of course, but it is a brilliant idea.

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  1. For the relatively few occasions when I want a second screen when I’m working on my laptop, I use AirDisplay on my iPad. I’m impressed with how well it works.

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