Make Your Own Perpetual Clock

No matter what Deepak Chopra tells you, time is linear. Hopefully this clock is a little closer to reality than the circular ones we’re all used to. The five minute intervals feel less neurotic than being precise down to the minute, and each number is magnified, reminding you to focus on the present.

You can make the clock above by following the instructions here.

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  1. I do like getting away from exact time – I think digital precision is not a human way to think.
    (I made – one of the reasons I morn Pebble is I kept meaning to make my own watchface but never quite got around to it.)

    The linear/non-linear aspect of time keeping is fascinating to me. Days get the repeating circle, but weeks and years don’t, even though both have patterns of components (days and months/seasons vs hours) that repeat – explores my mental imagery of that (and is another person’s view that combines linear and looping…)

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