The smartwatch is growing up


Don’t get me wrong, smartwatches are far from reaching a point where they are ready to go entirely mainstream, but I’d like to suggest that smartwatches are moving from total infancy to tumbling toddlers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Ariel Adams, founder of aBlogtoWatch. I have spent the last decade of my life mostly talking about ‘traditional’ watches – just don’t call them ‘dumb’. When smartwatches became a thing a few years ago, I was among the only people on the traditional side of the industry to applaud their arrival and edict that they would indeed be a big deal (eventually).

People greeted these awkward, often ugly, and of questionable utility devices with everything from skepticism to complete disdain. When covering products such as the Apple Watch we got hate mail (no joke), and when covering something such as the Tag Heuer Connected, we had people suggesting the brand was on its last legs and suffering from a permanent downward spiral… More at A Blog To Watch.

Ariel has a point, a valid one. I love traditional watches and I can only go by my experience. If I can be turned, anyone can.

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