The Death of Digital Photography

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 08.18.08.png

This decline is curious, at least in the way that it has played out. Aside from Nikon, few if any leading manufacturers have acknowledged that there is any problem. The former cancelled its planned DL series of mirrorless (high-end compact) cameras in the wake of the loss announcement, but market leader Canon released its newest professional model—the EOS 5D Mk IV—in September last year.

The camera was universally recognized as an excellent, capable piece of technology, but a unifying feature of reviews was the suggestion that Canon had not changed enough from the previous model—the Mk III—to justify the upgrade… More at PetaPixel.

It seems obvious that digital cameras, especially low-end models, will struggle against today’s smartphones. The high-end will continue, but the next half decade is going to be tough for standalone digital cameras, very tough.

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