It’s difficult to switch mobile platforms

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For early adopters, either when iPhone was just about the only game in town or for some years after when the distinction was still really wide, there might have been arguments here, but now it really is what you know that feel good and the arguments to hop the fence are thin on the ground. To mix a metaphor or two.

Early on I perached the idea that yeah, Android might have some more flexibility here and there (like running bootleg Nintendo system ROMs) but I was pretty sure Apple would always present me with hardware and software near or at the top of the class, and that idea has held true for almost a decade now. (Heh, and back before the Android selection devolved into mostly just Samsung, I never saw that I would have continuity between subsequent phones, either putting all my old stuff on the new shiny device or dipping back and slapping a backup on a spare when disaster strikes.)

If Voice Transcription was better on Android, that’s maybe one thing I’m envious of, but nothing else seems worth coveting to the extent of having to find new apps. Memory Cards used to appeal, but now that’s more wishing for a really consistent file system (finding out the iOS Dropbox app can’t open a zip was a frustration this weekend, since Dropbox has kind of become that defacto cloud-filesystem “memory card replacement” so to speak, for me)

But still, learning so many new nooks and crannies, finally figuring out an acceptable way of getting an equivalent my itunes smart playlists onto it, etc – can’t see it ever being worth the cost, especially given our usual lament here that “ugh nothing new is happening with these phones” Kirk

The longer we stick with one platform, the harder it is too move. Seems to me that mobile platforms are stickier than ever these days, despite the claims from Google and Apple to the contrary.

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