Chronos review


I’ve been fairly unimpressed with the Apple Watch and the other smartwatches, with the exception of the Tag Heuer Connected, which is quite expensive. That said, some of the typical smartwatch functions are appealing.

I’m not alone in thinking this. Chronos, a wearables startup based in the Bay Area, is selling an innovative device that can be attached to the back of almost any watch — I say “almost” because the gadget is about as big as a quarter, round, and isn’t going to fit square watches or particularly modest timepieces, such as those designed to be worn by women.

Chronos let me borrow one of its $99 “smart discs” and included a rather nice watch from another Bay Area design company called Elliot Havok. It was the “Oxford Havok Watch,” which at $95 and 40 millimeters, with a black leather strap, quartz movement, and fairly simple face that combines sportiness and dressiness, was fun to wear. There was the added benefit of being able to get a more custom fit when the Chronos was attached, thanks to the strap… More at Business Insider.

I’m not convinced this review does anything more than scrape the surface, but it is good to see some initial impressions. It’s also good to see that the product has finally made it to the real world.

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