When your phone is wiped by mistake, how do you react?

We took to the streets of London to undertake a revealing experiment: how would people react if their phones were wiped by mistake? This is what happened.

What I don’t get, and I see this ALL of the time, is how many people carry important photos on their phones and don’t seem back them up or even know that they can back them up, or that they may already be backed up.

Time and time again I hear people at work and elsewhere talk about how they ‘lost everything’ when they lost their phone or when it broke. Appears to me that the likes of Apple and Samsung need to do more to ensure people keep their information safe, but to be fair they already do a huge amount in this area.

I suspect that some people will never understand that their information is merely data which can move from device to device and stay with them for many years.

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  1. Isn’t photo backup on by default for iOS, if the user has an Apple ID? (And *can* one use an iOS device without an Apple ID?)

  2. In my experience, most people don’t back things up unless it is automatic and free. The assumption is that it will always work. Just like any other appliance (cough, cough).

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